New Menu Offer

216. Chicken noodles soup

218. Seafood noodles soup

223. Chinese xiao you cai

224. Shui zhu yu – boiled fish

227. Shui zhu niu rou – boiled beef

228. Chinese Kung Pao Chicken

230. Chicken wings

231. New beef

Cantonese Dimsum

129. meat dumpling ‘Jiao zi’ with pork or beef 12 (pieces)

130. Fried chinese bread with sesame

311. Prawn dumpling

312. Minced pork dumpling

314. Glutinous rice and meat wrapped with lotus leaf

316. Prawns with pork buns

317. Bean paper rolls with chicken sauce

318. Steamed dumpling with prawns and pork

319. Beef dumpling with ginger and leek

321. Prawn and crab meat rolls

330. Deep fried prawn dumpling

331. Pan fried prawn with squid paste

332. Deep fried minced meat

333. Fried BBQ pork pie

334. Fried vegetables spring rolls

335. Fried ham rolls

336. Fried rice paper prawn rolls

337. Fried dumpling with prawns and pork

338. Stuffed eggplant with seafood

339. Stuffed green pepper with seafood

340. Pan fried beef dumpling

341. Fried chinese bread


1. Fried spring rolls with chicken

2. Fried HUN-TUN

3. Fried prawn crackers

4. Fried vegetables

5. Fried silver fish

6. Fried frites


Almond 60gr

Beef 100gr

Chicken 100gr

Peanut 60gr

Shrimps 8 pieces


10. Spicy and sour soup

11. HUN-TUN soup

12. Bamboo and mushroom soup

13. Soup with chinese noodles

14. Egg soup

15. Vegetables with chicken soup

16. Thick seafood soup

17. Thick maize soup

18. Vegetables soup


20. Spicy and sour cabbage

21. Cucumber salad – spicy

22. Soya bean sprout salad

23. Green salad

24. Mixed salad

25. Chicken with soya bean sprout salad

26. Prawns with sprout soya bean salad

Special Dishes

201. Ants climb the tree

202. Crispy rice with chicken or beef or pork

205. Beef and chinese noodles in “SATAY” sauce

206. Steamed Perch fillet

207. Fried prawns with two flavours

208. Steamed butterfly prawns with garlic

209. Duck with chestnuts

210. Chicken with chestnuts

211. Fish with two taste

212. Duck with two taste

213. Duck with plum taste

214. Beef with ginger and green onion


30. Pork with bamboo and mushrooms

31. SI CHUAN pork – spicy

32. Pork with curry sauce

33. Pork with vegetables

34. Pork with onion

35. Pork with white mushrooms

36. YU XIANG pork – hot

37. Sweet and sour pork

38. Pork with brocoli


40. Beef with bamboo and mushrooms

41. SI CHUAN beef – spicy

42. Beef with garlic sauce

43. Beef with vegetables

44. Beef with onion

45. Beef with white mushrooms

46. Beef with oyster sauce

47. Beef with brocoli

48. Beef with green pepper

49. GONG-BAO beef – hot


50. Chicken with bamboo and mushrooms

51. SI CHUAN chicken – spicy

52. Chicken with curry sauce

53. Chicken with vegetables

54, Crispy chicken

55. YU XIANG chicken with chilli sauce – spicy

56. Sweet and sour chicken

57. GONG BAO chicken – spicy

58. Chicken with special taste – hot

59. Chicken with almonds

60. Chicken with cashew nuts

61. Chicken with brocoli

62. Fried chicken with lemon sauce


70. Duck with bamboo and mushrooms

71. SI CHUAN duck – spicy

72. Duck with curry sauce

73. Duck with vegetables

74. Crispy duck

75. YU XIANG duck – hot

76. Sweet and sour duck

77. Duck with lemon sauce

78. Duck with special taste – hot


80. Fried fish with bamboos and mushrooms

81. SI CHUAN fish – hot

82. Fried fish with onion

83. Fried fish with vegetables

84. Fried fish with special taste -hot

85. Fried fish with orange sauce

Sea Food

89. Sweet and sour prawns

90. Prawns with mushrooms and bamboo

91. SI CHUAN prawns – spicy

92. YU XIANG prawns with chilli sauce – spicy

93. Prawns with vegetables

94. Calamari with mushrooms and bamboos

95. Fried calamari with sesame seeds

96. ‘GONG-BAO’ calamari – hot

97. Calamari with vegetables

98. Fried calamari with hot sauce

99. Calamari with brocoli

Hot Iron Plates

101. Hot iron plate pork

102. Hot iron plate beef

103. Hot iron plate chicken

104. Hot iron plate fish

105. Hot iron plate prawns

106. Hot iron plate calamari

107. Fried HUN-TUN with three kinds of meat

108. Hot iron plate duck

109. Beef with black pepper

Vegetable Dishes

110. Chinese mushrooms with vegetables

111. Bamboo with mushrooms

112. Mixed vegetables and bamboo

113. Fried glass noodles

114. Brocoli with garlic sauce

115. Brocoli with oyster sauce

Dishes with tofu

120. Spicy and peppered To-fu

121. ‘MA-PO’ to-fu with meat – hot

122. To-fu with bamboo and mushrooms

123. To-fu with seafood

124. To-fu with beef

125. To-fu with fish

126. Eggplant with brown sauce

127. ‘YU XIANG’ eggplant – hot

Rice and Spaghetti

130. Fried Chinese bread with sesame

131. Fried rice with eggs

132. Fried rice with curry

133. Fried rice with ham

134. Fried rice with vegetables

135. Fried rice with shrimps

136. Mixed fried rice

137. Stir fry spaghetti with curry

138. Stir fry spaghetti with ham

139. Stir fry spaghetti with vegetables

140. Stir fry spaghetti with prawns

141. Stir fry rice noodles with vegetables

142. Stir fry rice noodles with prawns

143. Stir fry rice noodles with beef

144. Stir fry rice noodles with ham

145. Stir fry rice noodles ‘SINGAPOR’

146. Boiled rice

147. Fried rice with chicken

148. Fried spaghetti with chicken

149. Fried rice noodles with chicken

Menu for 2 people

301 (for 2 people)

Thick seafood soup, Prawn Dumpling, Mixed salad, Fried prawns with two taste, Beef with bamboo and mushrooms, Fried mixed vegetables, Mixed chinese sweets

302 (for two people)

Soup with mushrooms and bambo, Fried prawn rolls, Mixed salad, Fried duck with two taste, Chicken with cashew nuts, Fried mixed vegetables, ‘NU MI CI’ cake with coconut

Menu for 4 people

303 (for 4 people)

4x Egg soup, Mixed DIM SUM, 4x JIAO ZI, Chinese cabbage with garlic sauce, Duck with two taste, Chicken with cashew nuts, Mixed chinese sweet

Menu for 8,10 people

304 (for 8,10 people)

Soup with bamboo and mushrooms, Fried HUN, Fried prawn chips, Fried silver fish, JIAO ZI’, Soya bean sprout salad, Hot and sour cucumber salad, ‘YU XIANG’ prawns – hot, Chicken with cashew nuts, Sweet and sour pork, GONG – BAO’ beef -hot, Fried brocoli with oyster sauce, Mixed vegetables, Fried banana

Peking Duck Menu for 4 people

306 Peking duck (To be orderd at least two days in advance)

Hot and sour soup, 4x Fried dumplings, Duck with pancake and sauce, Fried chinese bread with sesame, Fried rice with eggs,  Special taste duck -hot, Mixed vegetables, Sweet

DIMSUM dessert

350. Sesame balls

351. “NU MICI”cake with coconut

353. Pancake “Chinese garden”


151. Lychee fruit

154. Ice cream

155. Banana fritter

156. Fried banana with ice cream

157. Fried apple

158. Fried apple with ice cream

159. Fried pineapple

160. Fried pineapple with ice cream

161. Fried ice cream

162. Fried mixed fruit

163. Fried mixed fruit with ice cream

164. Fried almonds